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New company register in the Netherlands. Information and contact for a new company register in Holland.

Hoofdorp domiciliation register your new company and builds your business framework. They provide the best dutch and European network of legal and accountant specialist as well as notaries and tax experts.

Generally, it is always better to centralize all the administrative and corporate services under the same roof. Moreover when you are not familiar with dutch requirements, having a dedicate and expert contact is making you gain a lot of time and money for your business. Finally, taking the advantage of a tailored and complete startup package in the Netherlands, via an all in one platform is the best way to avoid mistakes. Do not hesitate to dive in the dutch entrepreneurship with fixed prices and free local advice.

Why choose a new company register in the Netherlands ?

Holland is famous to be the ideal living, working and business climate in Europe. In addition with the excellent local way of living, it is also historical renown for its incredibly busy harbor and international business performance. Dutch people are conscious of this international gateway power which is the heard of the business climate and the reason why 94 % of worker in the Netherlands speak fluently English.

A new company register in holland and in Hoofdorp allow businesses to benefit from the biggest tax treaties network of Europe, and one of most extensive of the world. Indeed, the tax climate has done much of the actual reputation of the Netherlands, especially for IP related activities supported by the no tax on royalties rule. Additionally, Dutch corporate income tax is ranging in the lowest of Europe.

These domestic advantages are shaping the international attractiveness of the country. Furthermore, and conscious of this power, Holland is maybe the the most easier state in term of new company register and creation for non-residents. This is also why political environment is exceptionally balanced and legal framework more and more flexible in the view of international companies.

Do I need a new Company register in the Netherlands ?

This is not an obligation to have a legal structure in Holland to do business there, or in EU. However, to create a dutch BV for non-resident or Non-Eu citizen remains the best option. Indeed, the dutch systems is enabling your company to directly obtain a dutch VAT number upon registration. In most of EU countries, this procedure is taking between one to 6 months for completion. Furthermore, an onshore bank account is very quick and easy to setup after the registration of your structure. All the process takes between one and two weeks for finalization and your business is ready to start.

Finally, the main reason for a Dutch new company register is the flexibility of the company type BV. Indeed, as the Netherlands is very liberal, the systems allows one or more shareholders, from any nationality, to create a new company register. Shareholders are only liable for the amount they put in the company, and not for its debts.

There is no minimum capital requirement (0,01 euros) so basically, everyone can start a business locally. Moreover, the director does not have the obligation to be a dutch citizen or resident. Shares of the company are very easy to sell and purchase, and is a matter of days to register the change.

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