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What are the main requirements to register my company in Netherlands (BV)?

To register a company, your company should (i) have a unique and compliant Business name, (ii)  be able to justify of a registered address (business address) in the Netherlands and (iii) prove that the minimum share capital requirement (€0,01) is met.

A public notary will draft the Articles of Association and a Deed of Incorporation will also be issued to process to the registration toward the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KVK).

What does ‘substance’ means, and how can I be sure I meet the substance requirements?

The Dutch Tax administration require a minimum of local corporate presence in order to justify the physical establishment of your Dutch BV. In order to ensure the full compliance of the company, you need to ensure that (i) half of the directors are resident of the Netherlands and have the necessary skills to manage the BV, (ii) the registered address is in Netherlands, (iii) the strategic decisions and transactions are processed from Netherlands, (iv)bank account and bookkeeping are managed from the Netherlands…

Our specialists ensure your compliance with these requirements and, offering strategic business address, directorship services, accounting and tax advise…

Can a Non-European resident set up a Dutch Company?

If you don't come from an EU or EEA country, or you're not Swiss, you will need to apply for a residence permit (MVV) and in some cases a work permit (TWV).

Since 2015, the Netherlands also offers a one year residence permit called ‘startup visa’, particularly fitted for Non EU resident to launch their business in the Netherlands.